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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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by siie witli tMs may be noted tbe anther's account of tbat strange race tbe Jats, as
wei as 'bis history of Rajpafc caste generally.. One section IB devoted to an exami-
nation into the 'ottos of tbe deiied bero Krishna, and a curious inquiry Into tbe
resemblance wbick bas. so often been noticed between tbe my£bs attaching tbereto
md some of tbe great troths of Christianity; Mr. ftrowse, than wbom few can be
belter qualified to judge, is disposed to iook.oa tMs as merely fortuitous.   Equally
wor% of note are bis aecoatit of tbe annnal miracle play, tbe great pilgrimage of
which it forms a prominent feature, and the peculiar Holi festival, in connection
with wbicb may be studied tbe blstory of tbe intrusion of Beddbism Into tbe pro-
vince, the reform under the Vaishna?a wctaries, and tbe modem introduction of
Catholicism, in which Mr. Growse bas takea no small part.   All artists must approve
of bis plea for tbe adaptation of natite architectural forms to tbe requirements of
Christian worship, instead of the obtrusion of unsuitable alien styles, and the pboto-
graph of tte ehunsh at Matkara is enough to show how successfully this may be
done by a competent architect.   Tb® antiquarian portion of tbe rolume is not tbe
least important, dealing with tbe discover^ by tbe author and others, of ncalpture
inscriptions, and so forth, invaluable alike to artist and historian.   Tbe temples afe
Brindi-baa and elsewbere are described in « tBanner wbicb throws almost a new
ligtt on-the subject of Indian art, and tbe se?eral photographs are most beautiful.
Beta* dosing a necessarily brief notice of this important work, we must draw
afctaatioa to Mr, Orow80ssim>testi against &e too common neglect by etymologists
of the Sanskrit element in tbe Y&rious aatke dialects, and to wbat be says about
the revolting practices tanghfc and carried out by tbe more advanced Buddhists;
iiese latter may astonish some of tbose anew light" apostles wbo are so fond of
wilogMng tbe followers of' Gautama and iibeir principles at tbe expense of Christi-
anity,   Altogether the volume m in itself unique, and must prore of the greatest
leraoe to Hie Oriental student—W&stoR Bantm.